Friday, September 06, 2013

Las Vegas Sun, which had reported on Righthaven copyright troll, may close, an irony

A newspaper, the Las Vegas Sun, which had been the main competitor of the Las Vegas Review-Journal when the latter paper became involved with copyright troll Righthaven and had reported on a lot of the detail, may close.  The New York Times has a story by Timothy Pratt on the front page today, link here.  Curiously, the Sun had an arrangement with Stephens Media and at one time had almost become a separate section of the Review-Journal, according to the Times story.  Wikipedia has a history of the LVRJ and Righthaven relationship here.
In May, 2013 this blog reported on a 9th Circuit ruling that Righthaven had no standing as a plaintiff in its cases, with the Righthaven Victims blog account here

This story about the Sun certainly creates a curious irony, and has hardly been noticed given the attention to the sale of the Washington Post.  

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