Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bizarre twists in BitTorrent copyright troll case; more on "whitelisting" paradigm shift

Electronic Frontier Foundation has passed along the link to a court document in copyright litigation from Media Malibu (with attorney Mary Schulz), where the plaintiff listed other “embarrassing” downloads made by unnamed defendants in trying to pressure for settlements. The link for the document is here (the Embed didn't work, for me at least). 
The Pietz Law Firm has a link about this “copyright troll” case, here

The Malibu Media litigation seems to involve BitTorrent and porn downloads, as in this detailed Wordpress account, link

The Fight Copyright Trolls has another major link here    I will follow this more later for more detail.

I also wanted to make another note today on the way my content reaches users.  Over time, as I have noted,  I have tended to attract fewer visitors and legitimate comments on Blogger, but more attention on Facebook and Twitter.   My traffic on “” and “” (which has one more law and technology blog) has remained pretty steady.   I may be “consolidating” some of this content in the future after my “DADT III” book is available (Aug. 22).  I wanted to reiterate that blogs, flat sites and books generally are available for everyone, and typically the author does not know who accessed the material and does not have a right to know (although the advertising environment is changing that idea).  Social media is predicated on a totally different precept, that you know who your friends and followers are, and who is most likely to see your content and be interested in it.  That "whitelisting" idea means you need some sort of outreach (outside of just “speech”) to find and befriend them first.  This is a profound paradigm change.  

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