Monday, September 30, 2013

A quick note on technical errors from Blogger

After all these philosophical and serious ruminations, I wanted to make a note about a recurring technical issue, the “Error” that can occur from Blogger when typing, saying it was trying to publish the posting, along with “Ignore Warning”.  It can happen with autosave, even when typing.  It may happen when publishing.  In my experience, it goes away if you save the posting manually first. 

It used to give an error if you didn’t put in a subject title.  I prefer that it require a subject title.  If you make a typo in a subject title and fix it, the URL will always have the typo, which might look strange to a user who finds the original posting on a search engine.  And it’s hard to avoid some typos, like with names in foreign languages.  I had found that I get the error if the title is too long, but it does allow me to post the entire title in the heading.  It seems to use the first 25 characters (not counting articles) to make the URL title for the individual post.

I’ve also found that I get this error when the Internet connection is erratic or too slow.  But connection problems also seem to cause the mysterious Bx errors, which tend to go away after a while, and often occur when Blogger can’t display the normal stats chart when going to the Blog, but the error goes away if you close it and click on the stats chart manually (again, the server is too slow).
There’s a link on these problems here.

I don’t see it catching grammatical or spelling errors and generating errors myself.  If I go into HTML mode, it does catch errors on tags balancing, and will not post until they are fixed manually.  It helps to know HTML programming.  It has a little trouble keeping fonts consistent when importing from Word (it doesn’t seem to have a medium size for Times New Roman), and sometimes changes fonts unpredictably when cutting and pasting from other sources, or even when adding more material at the end of a post.  It helps to understand XML and Microsoft XSL styling if you copy into Blogger from Word. I once took a course in it in 2002; there’s a lot to know. 
How to typos and errors happen?  My own brain works faster than I can type.  I sometimes don’t spot obvious errors because my brain fills in the blanks first. 

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