Friday, July 26, 2013

No, I am not a gadget, and I'm not a lawyer either

I thought I would just note a few reminders, given a few emails I have gotten recently.

First, I always view emails from “new” senders with some skepticism, because of the obvious spam and phishing problems that have been out there for years now.

I do correct broken links, if the sender tells me the exact url that I should use today.  But I’ve gotten requests to fix broken links when I wasn’t told which day or posting the link was in (just the blog and month), or wasn’t given a working new link or correct information on where the material is now.

I suspect that as an individual blog remains out for years and older posts stay up (same with old websites), links to content put out there by organizations become obsolete, and organizations are naturally less nimble in stay online or keeping their own access points up than are people.

I’ve also gotten an email or two asking for legal assistance.  No, I am not an attorney and I don’t have a license to practice law, and I’ve never said that I do.  I don’t understand how someone thinks I can do something about their own debt or credit score. 

I have written and published on Blogger since early 2006.  My other sites are “”, “” and “”.   The first of these is the most important, and much of the material there was on “” (an abbreviation for “High Productivity Publishing”, which I used as the imprint for my 1997 DADT book) until mid 2005, when I ditched hppub (the only domain name I have stopped using).  “Bill” is the nickname for “John William”, and the “johnw” site was mainly for the mainframe IT resume, not in much use right now.  The “doaskdotell” site is on a Windows server platform, and “billboushka” (much smaller and experimental) is on a Unix platform.  Until 2006, I also had a java component, until the company supporting it failed. 

There could be more changes coming (I know I’ve said that before), and more details will appear soon. 

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