Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Has the "deep hyperlinks" issue returned?

Interesting things happen with blogging.  When I came home tonight, I had a bizarre email request to remove a link from a 
movie review file for April 2011, but the person did not say which film, and I could not find it.  

Links become obsolete all the time in the blogosphere.  When a link no longer resolves, it just gets a 404, not found HTML error.  Happens all the time.  Perhaps it suggests to the visitor that the site linked isn't that stable or permanent and leaves  bad impression.  But that's the breaks (as they used to say in Army Basic).  That's how it works.  It's long been accepted that "deep linking" is the online equivalent of a footnote on a term paper in the physical world (of school). 

Of course, I'm happy (within reasonable volume) to update URL's with new ones when informed by the source. 

Actually, in 2009 Electronic Frontier Foundation and Ars Technica reported on a preposterous case about linking and trademarks (really?) involving BlockShopper, and Jones Day, here. I'll have to look at this one some more. 

I thought this had been settled with the Ticketmaster case in 2000 (Wired story), but I'll look again some more. 

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