Thursday, July 11, 2013

Florida accidentally bans computers and smartphones in trying to stop Internet cafes that allow gambling (LOL)

Here’s a story about government running amok.  Florida was trying to shut down Internet cafes that were functioning as unlicensed casinos, but passed a statute that would seem to ban all personal computers (maybe even mainframe) and smartphones instead..  Kelly Hidgkins has a story in Infomobile, here.  

I saw the story on CNN (with cideo, by Heather Kelly, here) yesterday as I was playing with an iPad with slow Extended response in a luncheon café in Harpers Ferry, WVa, when I was driven inside by a thunderstorm (with fifty “kids”).  That’s the second time I’ve felt like a sub in that town.  The story was amusing (“LOL”), to say the least, more maybe not.  The “kids” won’t be denied their toys.

Florida’s law was written overbroadly, apparently to include anything that could possibly be used as a gaming device.
The federal government and many states have tried to prohibit most online gaming, the status of which is explained in Wikipedia here.   New Jersey seems to have made some progress in legalization.

When I gave up my domain name “” in 2005, and moved everything over to “”, an online poker company took over the domain name.  Soon, I found that incorrect links would still go to that site, which might have presented legal problems for me (but I never found any real evidence that it actually did).  

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