Sunday, June 02, 2013

"NerdWallet" offers advice on video marketing (YouTube, Vimeo, social media)

I got a suggestion for some content links to NerdWallet recently, from Connie Davis there..  I thought that I should pass along the story “How YouTube can be a marketing tool for small business,” here

The piece mentions a marketing business by Cynthia Nevels, and a class on small business marketing she ran in the Dallas area.  A sample showed that over 50% had not used YouTube for marketing.

Successful marketing videos should be not much over three minutes, be carefully edited, and be sparing on links, she says.   And companies need also to market on Vimeo, which seems a little more professional to many users.  (Strand Releasing, for example, lets reviewers sample its new films on Vimeo with private screening codes.) 

It’s not wise to focus just on “going viral” (with piano-playing cats, for example).  Consider the “quality” of visitors as well as quantity.   

But companies need to be proficient in using all the major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Tumblr.   The distinction between “professional” and “personal” social media networking gets smaller all the time.  Double lives no longer exist.

Companies marketing financial or legal services would do well to produce videos that explain the essential concepts as clearly as possible.  I do see that law firms do this with the essential problems in, say, intellectual property law, or in dealing with taxes, estates, trusts. 

Here’s a video about NerdWallet in the “Tech Crunch Cribs” series.

Young artists and celebrities (in music and acting) can certainly develop a fan base the videos they make on their own.     

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