Thursday, June 06, 2013

Mobile market research company reports that social media profiles are hurting job prospects for young adults worldwide

KTNV, a fox station in Nevada, is reporting that what teenagers post online is definitely costing them summer jobs but long term employment chances in the future.  The link for the story, which as a video, is here.


I found the blog post of the supporting study by On Device Research, a company normally specializing in marketing in mobile applications.  The post  has the blunt title “Facebook costing 16-34s jobs in tough economic climate”, link here. It’s the overall impression of a “social media profile” that seems to be of concern.   The blog post gives a breakdown by country, and social media profiles seem to be a bigger issue with employers in China than in the U,S. – maybe surprising given the censorship in China.  In a world where everybody can be famous, well, most people won’t be, in a way that is legitimate or productive or can support families.  

Younger adults in media and arts fields may have an advantage, it their videos give evidence of considerable technical skill (for example in music or film editing) and they live in an areas (probably like California) where those skills are in high demand.   

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