Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A piece of classified information blows my direction in the wind --- literally

I was in a Virginia Railway Express station today at L’Enfant Plaza – had never seen how the rails go south of Union Station.  A Naval Officer in khakis took out a briefcase, opened it, and papers blew in my direction.  I caught them in the air and returned them without looking at a word.
But it was an ironic event in the middle of a scandal.  He said, “the morning emails”.
I have probably received a couple of items that likely were classified.  Do I report them publicly? No.  On a couple of occasions I have spoken to law enforcement about material that I have received.  But the object is to prevent an incident of some kind, somewhere in the world. 
Again, on a night that severe storms approach, I can’t impress the importance of the way we take care of our infrastructure and environment.  Wealth means nothing if the world stops functioning properly, and there are people who want to see that happen. 
Take care of that power grid – from solar storms as well as aqueous ones.  It’s ridiculous that we tolerate having big vulnerable trees close to houses all the time (including neighbors').  Storms happen in nature, and old trees fall down.  That’s always been a natural cycle. 
I have one track in life.  I can’t join someone else’s cause just because things happen.  There is no way for me to be a victim, only a casualty.
And it could be a dangerous day tomorrow on the East Coast. 

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