Monday, May 20, 2013

Lawyer advises laying low if a small-volume blog "defames" you

I saw an interesting “legal tip of the day” from Lawline”, regarding online defamation on a blog or perhaps social media, fro, 2009.. 

The attorney advises clients flamed (or legally defamed) in low-traffic blogs to remain cool and probably do nothing. Litigation would only be likely to draw more public attention to the content in question.  That observation would seem to be true also with people with relatively lower numbers of social media “friends” or “followers” or even “likes” (or dislikes). 

Of course, there can be another side to this “online reputation” question. Employers or other interested parties could still look for the item and be influenced by it, even if it wasn’t relatively public. 
The question might also occur with public photos of a person posted on another person’s site or on a Facebook wall, or otherwise “tagged”.  It sounds theoretical now, but facial recognition software continues to progress.  

This particular video didn't take up Section 230 issues.  

Attorney Ronald Coleman also discusses invasion of privacy in a similar Lawline video.  He discusses photographing homes from the air, and says that New York State (and most East Coast states) is not enthusiastic about protecting privacy compared to publication and speech, but California may be more interested in privacy issues, as is Europe/ 

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