Thursday, May 23, 2013

Anderson Cooper show again hits the Section 230 issue

Today, an Anderson Cooper daytime broadcast re-iterated the Section 230 controversy. This time, there was a webmaster who was hosting “revenge porn” where ex-lovers post risky pictures of women all over the Internet.
There was a general feeling among the audience and comments on the web that women brought this upon themselves by taking or allowing to be taken some inappropriate pictures.  If taken without their knowledge, that’s a different matter.
Still, the webmaster was questioned about his moral compass and why he would hide behind a legal technicality. 
The link for the broadcast today is here.
I would challenge Anderson to host a daytime show conversation about Section 230 of the 1996 Telecommunications Act.  He should invite people from both sides of the issue:  Electronic Frontier Foundation, Google or Youtube and Facebook, perhaps me (I can shed light on it – and I’m three hours away by Amtrak) , as well as advocates of protection of children from cyverbullying (Parry Aftab), and some attorneys who can discuss defamation and privacy (they are trick concepts, and can vary among states).  It's inevitable that there will be public confrontation over this issue some day. 

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