Monday, April 22, 2013

"Libertarian" Koch Brothers move into journalism (and blogging next?)

It’s with some interest that I noticed a New York Times story Sunday, by Amy Chozick, “Conservative Koch Brothers Turning Focus to Newspapers,” link here

Koch is looking at the Tribune company, with papers in Los Angeles, Chicago, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale.

This story caught my own roving  or hypnotic eye because I’ve covered a couple of documentary films about Koch companies (in energy) on my Movies blog (March 8, 2013, September 20 and 26, 2012).  There is certainly a lot of reporting out there that the company manipulates the system for its own business.

Yet, for much of my “writing” career I’ve preferred “laissez-faire” ideas myself.  My questions are: Can we sustain our way of life, and can we take care of everyone the way a society that values human life should?  That puts a lot of personal obligation on every one of us.  

Update: April 23

Career Cast published the worst and best jobs in the world, and ranked newspaper reporter as the worst!, link here. It's true, as documented in the book "Trading Secrets" by R. Foster Winans (1989), that newspaper reporters work under tremendous time and accuracy pressures, with a conventional job market that his shrunk.  I remember that journalism used to be a big undergrad major (like at the University of Missouri).  Who wouldn't be envious, though, of Anderson Cooper's job?  He paid his dues.  

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