Sunday, April 21, 2013

CISPA passes House; activists propose Internet blackout for April 22

The group Anonymous has called for an “Internet” blackout on Monday April 22,  since the House of Representatives passed  (248-268)  a rewritten CISPA (The Cyber-Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, HR 3523 in 2012, reintroduced as HR 624 in 2013, the 113th Congress, here) Thursday, April 18, 2013. (The “S” is before the “P”, making it harder to pronounce.)
The Huffington Post has a story, by Alexis Kleinman, about the proposed blackout here.  It’s not clear that very many major websites will join the blackout.  (Yes, I love the line in ABC’s defunct series “Flash Forward”, “There’s going to be another blackout”.)
Remember that Wikipedia was blacked out for one day to protest SOPA in January 2012.  Wikipedia has a detailed explanation of the law, rather up to date, here.
“Matt Larson 10” put up this YouTube video: 
According to "activists", there are a couple of amendments: Number 6 adds provisions specifying applicability regarding “cyber-security crime”, “protection of adults”, and “protection of children”.  That is, the Fourth Amendment doesn’t apply online (according to some observers).  The government could use the info for “anything”.
Another amendment  (actually "good news") says that mere TOS violations don’t constitute a violation of law. 
The YouTube video above says that most people value their First Amendment rights more than Second Amendment. 

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