Thursday, March 21, 2013

You are what you tweet

“Smart or stupid, we are what we tweet”, in the world according to Rick Hampson, in a USA Today article on Wednesday, March 20, link here  The print title is “age-old bad judgment lives long in the digital age”.

People are getting fired or sacked for what they put on Twitter as much as Facebook. Sometimes whole careers are deep-sixed.  One of the most interesting anecodtes is that of extra actress Nicole Crowher from “Glee”, who tweeted some spoilers for upcoming episodes, and her boss said she’d never work in entertainment again.

That problem sounds more the province of bloggers, or movie reviewers.  Studios could feel that a blogger could ruin the market for a film with spoilers, and imdb is quick to warn about spoiler in detail plot synopses.  But nobody needs a “Cliff Notes” for a movie (except maybe “Inception”). 

Practically all journalists have “professional” (and public) twitter accounts, and some are not afraid to lose objectivity and vaunt their opinions (like Piers Morgan on guns).  More Twitter accounts are private than used to be (and require approved following for viewing) but others tend to broadcast a lot to the public anyway with public replies and retweets.  

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