Sunday, March 03, 2013

Progress report on books (DADT-3 and novel)


I want to update the “schedule” for publication that I discussed here Feb. 7.
I have pretty well finished the first edit of the DADT-III” non-fiction” update to my previous two books. 

I am finding that the format, trying to annotate according to topics that were covered in the first two books, makes it difficult to get at the most essential points.  I think that some things come out of the woodwork better with a retelling of my entire “story” in chronological fashion.  That will not happen in another book (that would amount to a Victor Hugo sized opus), but rather with a video (about an hour) where some things can be shown visually. 
I am considering adding two of the “chapters” from the novel manuscript for “The Proles” that I wrote in 1969 while I was in the Army at Fort Eustis.  I have two chapters that relate in raunchy detail what my own military service (including most of all Basic Combat Training) was like during an era when we had military conscription. I think that a lot of young adults today have no real concept of what that was like. I may also include an unpublished short story involving early activism against strip mining back in 1972.  All of this could take about three additional weeks in manuscript preparation.
In retelling my story in my video, I can focus on what I think other people wanted from me, and why I wouldn’t “give it” to them – that is, emotional involvement with people who maybe “needed” it but who hadn’t “earned it”.  (As an Army buddy said about 1970 when I was getting out, “Put THAT in ‘The Proles’”).  Later in my life, after years of separation and observation (and leading my own life), they would come after me for “it” again, with a certain amount or irony, given my background. 
Even though the things people “wanted” seem based on tribalism and misplaced religion, some of it comes back together now given concerns about sustainability.
What’s hard is to pull all those impressions together – many of them striking – into a simple syllogistic argument. 

"Producing" all this output (two books, a video, and some piano music) takes a lot of time -- requiring a lot of blocks of contiguous time increments.  So it is very difficult to "volunteer" to become part of someone else's cause right now -- even though doing so can teach me more.  Time can really involve sacrifice.  
Pictures:  Some Army life (maybe from Fort Eustis), and a little bit of the Third Dominion in Clive Barker’s Imajica (that world has a train), before “Reconciliation” – that means, the end of the right to lead a double life and be public on the web.  (See Book Reviews blog, March 28, 2006.) The "prayer hands" and the "pickled alien fetus" may be disguised in the improvised scenery in these pictures, but they show the kind of world I think we could be headed for.  

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