Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Movie licensing group says that teenagers are starting to "get copyright", even without their parents' help

I got an email from Gina Preoteasa of Trylon SMR in New York, with a link to a story on Multichannel News, by P. J. Kuyper, president and CEO of the Motion Picture Licensing Corporation, titled “As it turns out, kids get copyright”, link here

The article suggests that teenagers woke up to copyright when Instagram shocked everyone by wanting the right to use and sell their photos without permission – a concept that could possibly jeopardize the privacy and online reputations of the subjects of the photos. 

The article also says that the Center for Copyright Information has already launched its six-strike Copyright Alert System, apparently effective March 1.
The concern that I (and many other have) is primarily about downstream liability – the idea that those with deep pockets should be responsible for screening content posted by users .  That’s mediated by the fact that YouTube does have an automated screening methodology that can catch some gross infringement. 
As for video or music, unless it were mine to start with, I wouldn’t see much point in posting it.  I don't need to be "imagined".  

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