Friday, March 29, 2013

DMCA takedown requests can be done in "do it yourself" mode

It should come as no surprise that there exist websites which offer to do quick and inexpensive DMCA takedowns upon allegations that content was stolen.  I found out about this from an auto-served advertisement while surfing this morning on my iPad (no doubt chosen on the basis of “tracking” the subject matter of my online research). 
A typical service is at “DMCA”, simply called “takedowns”, here

You can see the inexpensive monthly subscription and rather “reasonable” price per request, compared to what lawyers charge.
A similar service is “Fastdmca” here
The first site has a green rating from McAfee; the second had not been tested.

The obvious risk is that these services could facilitate frivolous or unfounded complaints. 
Here is a video on the “frivolous” complaint problem, from the Venus Project (and “Storm Clouds Gathering).  Filing a false complaint to silence dissent or reporting is illegal, according to the video.  

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