Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Now there are copyright trolls specifically for porn

There exist some law firms that troll P2P networks specifically for “illegal downloading” of pornography for adult entertainment firms.  I was unaware of this bifurcation in the troll world, having focused on Righthaven.
Timothy B. Lee has a story in Ars Technica about an immigrant couple “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” who defended themselves after an ISP warning, getting the trolls to move on to someone else. 
Lee’s article, here offers an amusing picture of a chess position of a White king in resignation, about to be checkmated by passed Black pawns, as in the Sveshnikov Sicilian.  (There is something about two connected passed pawns on the seventh rank!)
The couple has a blog called “Fight Copyright Trolls” here 
Apparently for a while there was a scammy “Internet Copyright Law Enforcement Agency”.
There’s another new blog about the trolls, called “Die Troll Die”, here.
I think that the copyright trolls need to watch Magnolia Pictures’s “Troll Hunter”, a Norwegian  film, reviewed on my movies blog Nov. 28, 2011.  The trolls there looked like giant disfigured golems, not attractive enough to be rock stars.  

Notice, in this picture, White resigns.  His queen had been trapped before it was even attacked.  Lee could have used this position for his article. 

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