Thursday, February 07, 2013

I put myself on a schedule to publish my next book(s)

I did announce today (on Facebook  -- look me up as “John W. Boushka”, my legal name) that I expect to have a “final draft” (pun) of my “Do Ask Do Tell III” booklet, to become an official e-book, by April 1, to turn over for editing.  I expect to do the same for my novel, “Angels’ Brothers”, by May 15.  So, here I go with some project management.  It’s like the old workplace.  I would hope to be able to “publish” officially about three or four weeks after editing.

There is real tension, for those of us who are “different”, between doing what others in our immediate environment (like family, even for those of us who are childless) need us to do for them, and doing what we think expresses ourselves publicly, as “who we are”.  It’s hard to get a grip on it.  Maybe the world does need to make demands on us (beyond the usual norms of “personal responsibility” in a “free market”) to meet ends bigger than ourselves, so that the world can sustain itself.  Families and communities and nations will often do so, and lead themselves to the more usual policy conflicts.  And “we” may find that we are serving ends defined by others, and if we don’t find these social ends acceptable in a more global sense, we just might not live.  We cannot be enslaved or bullied just into going along.

Inside this outer tension there has long been a corresponding conflict about sexual orientation.  Families (parents) may feel that “we” owe them children and progeny, or they may feel that we’re kibitzing, standing on the sidelines and passing judgment on the suitability of others to have families after we (sometimes) were shamed away from doing that ourselves because of inability to compete physically or socially.  They may believe that our conformity is essential to their wanting to do what they know they should do.  I’ve never been comfortable with depending on the idea that sexual orientation is inborn or immutable, because that doesn’t work with other issues.  The right question is, why does (or did) it matter so much to other people, relative to so many other issues?

Outside this whole tension is a question on when self-expression is appropriate.  Earlier in my life, I thought I had the opportunity for expressiveness with music “using the system” of proving real accomplishment with established mechanisms.  Practicality and social pressure intervened.  In the Internet age, I resumed, doing it my own way, answering no longer to anyone.  It’s no surprise that many in the old media establishment would like to eliminate new forms of low-cost competition (look at SOPA).
Oh, “you” say, about the non-fiction book (DADT III), not another “manifesto”.  It will build on the earlier books, citing various incidents, and showing the progression of these sorts of issues (which are layered) in my own life.  It’s hard to draw all these together for one grand outcome.  But the calls I get from others who would want to “recruit” me certainly drive final conclusions.  
Picture above: No, not :Death of a Shadow", just the way the camera worked in the lighting.

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