Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A "Do Ask Do Tell" Podcast on "Simply Syndicated"

Yesterday, while surfing (after a prompt from McAfee promoting a new “safer search”), and looking up my own “Do Ask Do Tell” , I discovered a podcast show by that name on a site called “Simply Syndicated”.
The show appears to originate in the UK, and has this direct link
There appear to be seven episodes, of lengths varying from about 50 to 85 minutes, the introduction having been posted in April 2011.  The most recent post was on June 27, 2012.  I played the first episode yesterday and a man and woman, both with British accents, discussed general terminology in the gay world, including “asexuality” and particularly “metrosexuality” (the latter of which was the name of a UK miniseries in 2001). 

Other podcasts appear to deal with topics like religion, and LGBTQ movies. 

I could not find an active explanation of “Simply Syndicated” on Wikipedia.  There had lived one entry  before but it  had been deleted.

By the way, “Do ask do tell” does not have an entry either, but “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” definitely does, and I have added to that article before.   In fact, I’ll vary off topic a moment and mention that I am considering contributing an article to Wikipedia about “filial responsibility laws” (“filial piety” is there), but I will look at their much stricter submission guidelines first to see if I can really invest the time it will take to make it work.
I’ll pass along Wikipedia’s reference for “your first article” here --- the effort required is considerable.
To return to talking about the "blog radio" show: The material in the Simply Syndicated DADT podcast seemed to be high-level and aimed to entertain about LGBTQ subjects.  My use of the term “do ask do tell” has broadened to general issues regarding personal and institutional integrity.  Synonyms could include “connecting the dots” and even Anderson Cooper’s “keeping them honest”. 

An important corollary seems to be that it is no longer possible to live a “double life” like it used to be.  Facebook has seen to that, and social media had a lot to do with the demise of “don’t ask don’t tell” in the IS military.

Would I work with this group?  It is very hard to say.  Is the group still active?  I couldn’t find “doaskdotell_podcast” on Twitter.  I do wonder if I should keep my bags packed.  My passport is good until 2014, when it needs renewal.  I just might need it.  I hope this group really is “just” in London.  Sydney, Australia is twenty hours away, at least. 

For anyone finding this post who does not know me, I am the author of the two “Do Ask Do Tell” books, easily found on Amazon, and I maintain the “” website, off which all my blogs and e-commerce links live.

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