Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Anderson covers "purloined photos" and offers more advise from Reputation.com

On Monday, January 7, 2013, Anderson Cooper again covered the problem of online reputation, with a report of a young woman who had sent some “personal” photos to someone, and the photos eventually fell into the wrong hands and wound up on an “adult” website.

Howard Bragman, an executive with Michael Fertik’s “Reputation.com” spoke on Anderson as to how to protect your online reputation. 

Bragman said that legal protection of “privacy” rights for photos taken voluntarily or appearing anywhere in a public place are weak, at best.  Perhaps the laws in the future will offer more protection, or businesses will have stricter photo policies.  Bragman said that the best practical strategy is to take affirmative ownership of your own online reputation, but placing material on major social networking sites, and by creating a professional site for yourself, that puts you and what you “do” (professionally) in a good light, by causing search engines to rank the positive materials first.

Bragman emphasized that everyone has a presence online whether he or she wants it or not.  If you don't define yourself, others will define you. So you have to play by Facebook's and Twitter's rules! (Vantage no longer "rules the world"!)
Recent changes in search engine placement algorithms, emphasizing quality of content rather than popularity calculated from links, may help online reputation in general.
The link on Anderson is here

Remember, Anderson had covered "reputation extortion" on March 12, 2012 (here). 

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