Sunday, December 02, 2012

"Six Strikes": apartment or condo users face "middle school detention"

Matt Peckham has an article on Time and CNN, on a flaw in the “Six Strikes” (the Copyright Alert System) plan that ISP’s were to roll out today but postponed a bit because of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

The main problem is that in some condos and apartment building with "shared Internet", it won’t be possible to track which resident  created a violation.  The ISP could warn, slow down, or turn off service to the entire building or area of a building for what one person does.  It’s the “Everybody gets detention” problem that we remember from middle school.  Remember that SOPA had issues with that flavor. 

The CNN story is here

When I went to this story, my Windows 7 computer hiccoughed (to load more services or drivers) a moment while this ad from Cisco started (it took about thirty seconds and prompting the keypad to come up).  It’s legitimate, but it seems to require some extra services associated with Shockwave.  It doesn’t cause a problem on the Mac.  On an older XP machine, you might get a warning that shockwave has crashed if it isn’t loaded right.  I don’t know what will happen on Windows 8.  Try the link if you’re feeling reckless (or have a MacBook). The video and imagery (looks like Taipei in Taiwan) and business message about “worming together” are nice enough.

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