Friday, December 14, 2012

Pundits recommend trimming social media contacts during economic hard times -- a puzzlement? a paradox?

Here’s an off story on NBC Today’s site, “Prepare for the Fiscal Cliff” by purging Facebook friends (and maybe Google+, maybe Myspace, maybe Twitter followers).  Only keep the friends who can take care of you (or that you can take care of) in hard times.

I think the whole idea of the article is a bit hyperbolic, but here is the (Lifeinc) link anyway. 

It’s true, Facebook “Likes” won’t get the power back or clean out mold from the basement, or restore a condemned house. 

I’m rather reminded of Dr. Mehmet Oz, who says (on Oprah and other places) that he doesn’t like to do extensive surgery on people who are socially isolated.  He means, able to love somebody who loves you back.  That’s what he said.  I never thought you love people just to be loved right back!

As in the Singletary article that I mentioned Wednesday, it’s hard to see how far people can go with “Prevent defenses” and how much more interdependence we need to accept. 
But I wouldn’t voluntarily live less than 200 feet above sea level (or a river) right now.  But there isn’t always a choice. And maybe 200 feet isn’t enough.  What of there were a tsunami from the Canary Islands volcano?  

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