Friday, November 16, 2012

Copyright Alert System to go into effect soon

Once again, there are reports that the Copyright Alert System (CAS) should go into effect before the end of 2012.

The system, with the “six step program” leading to possible “mitigation measures” is described by the Center for Copyright Information here. Now CAS claims that no essential Internet service would be completely cut off.

Electronic Frontier Foundation points out that there are potentially troubling conflicts of interest in the way the “oversight” committee is staffed.  It points out that lobbyists must file reports on who they have worked for, to reported online for public inspection at “Open Secrets”, like here.  

That concerns Stroz Friedberg, who has written a heavily redacted report on how the oversight will work.
It’s unclear that a lot of lawful use of P2P won’t cause many home users or small businesses to fall under the radar screen and get warnings.

The EFF article by Mitch Stoltz, “U.S. Copyright surveillance machine about to be switched on, promises of transparency already broken,” link here  

Slate explains all this in a brief video:

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