Monday, August 13, 2012

Once you're a blogger journalist, it's hard to trump for other people's causes, or to act partisan

I heard part of President Obama’s speech from Chicago last night.  He did ask “ordinary people” to call Biblical neighbors, to raise money, to get out the vote, for “all of us”.

Since I present myself as an independent blogger journalist, can I reasonably wear a second cap and hit other people for money for specific causes?

Even though I am journalist by self-appointment, I would say, generally no. And I certainly can't behave is an partisan way.  And, no, I can't run for office and get other people to raise money for me!  (I almost did so in 2000 in Minneapolis, however.)

Having entered the world of self-publishing the way I did in the late 90s and painting with such a wide brush, I kind of took myself out of the game for anyone else’s specific cause. I can’t “always be closing” (and I don’t have a 100 Mile Rule, even for just men).  Even the repeal of “don’t ask don’t tell”, which I think I played a critical part in, grew as a concentric issue to swallow up everything, as if a moral sinkhole (and not just in Louisiana or Florida).

I get lots of calls daily for specific, narrow causes and I really don’t have the time for each one of them.  No one is more important than all the others, unless it matches one specific aspect of my life (by talent or social connection) and I’m in an unusual position to address it. 

It’s a shame, perhaps. We all used to be a lot more sociable.

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