Friday, August 17, 2012

Internet freedom issues seem unlikely to become partisan

The "rag" US News has a story about the partisan implications of “Internet freedom” issues.  A story by Jason Koebler is titled “Democrats consider officially supporting Internet freedom; GOP to ‘discuss” issue”, link here

Yet, according to the piece, some companies in Silicon Valley (including Facebook) have given more to GOP candidates than Democrats, despite the generally “liberal” nature of the political views of most executives in the business.  They are likely to believe that the GOP may be less intrusive with surveillance laws and will listen a little less to “liberal” Hollywood in the wars over piracy.

The article also linked to another US News story reviewing the goings-on a few months ago with SOPA and PIPA. The writer believes that many politicians were awakened by the one-day Wikipedia protest blackout.
GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan had backed away last January from supporting SOPA, originally introduced by a Republican, Lamar Smith (CNET story here).

Here’s an interesting fact (maybe a good subject for a “Millionaire” question of the day) from a site called “vice”: Lamar Smith apparently had violated copyright law himself on his own site before introducing SOPA, as in this analysis by Jamie Lee Curtis Taete, link

Also, late Friday night, ABC NIghtline covered Customs sting operations to catch counterfeit goods, which have sometimes caused a few websites to be shut down, as covered here previously. 

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