Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Facebook mistakenly rejected "political speech" ad on marijuana law reform; don't make too much of the end of "lock-up" on shares

Electronic Frontier Foundation has a brief story about Facebook’s reversing itself and accepting ads that, while on the face supporting legalization of marijuana use (perhaps beyond medical purposes), merely said (directly) that citizens should register to vote and support drug law reform. The ad did not actually promote or facilitate marijuana use. Facebook (as does many services) does have a policy prohibiting ads for tobacco or similar products themselves.  But it was a little surprising to see cognitive confusion on the actual substance of an ad wrongfully prohibited.

The EFF story is here

Analysts are saying not to make too much of the end of the “lock-up” on Facebook Thursday. Most of the problems with its share price have to do with fundamental questions on how to monetize mobile use of the site.  That’s ironic, because mobile use (rather than content-centric use on conventional PC’s) really is closer to the meaning of “social networking” anyway. The Yahoo! link for the story byChris Ciaccia of “The Street” is here.

No, I do not have any Facebook shares, yet.  Don't know if I'm even eligible. 

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