Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"The Oatmeal" fends off SLAPP suit with help from EFF; 4Chan picture gets fast food employee fired

Here’s a cute little story about supposed copyright infringement that swings both ways (pun intended).

Matthew Inman, creator of a humor and comics site called “The Oatmeal”, was served a letter by an attorney  (Charles Carreon) representing a site named “Funkyjunk), demanding $20000 for alleged defamation after Inman wrote a blog post saying that some of his comics had been copied and posted without permission.

Inman describes the letter (and rebuts it) in a more recent post here

Electronic Frontier Foundation has characterized the threatened litigation as an example of a “SLAPP” lawsuit, and now reports that the litigation was dropped, in this press release dated July 3, link

I’m not familiar with Funkyjunk, although, from appearances, it appears to deal with guitar music – distantly related to my own experience with piano (covered heavily on my “drama” blog).  I suppose I might encounter it gain in the normal course of things. Here is the link

Today EFF sent out an email asking members to support legislation in Congress to develop national standards to stop SLAPP lawsuits.

On the “online reputation” front, there is a story from Ohio that some Burger King employees were fired after a photo showing an employee with his feet in lettuce showed up on “4Chan”, with geolocation tags (despite anonymity), NBC News story here

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