Sunday, July 22, 2012

"Internet Defense League" seeks supporters, sets up notification and networking applications

Electronic Frontier Foundation is inviting bloggers and webmasters to join the Internet Defense League.

There is code for a shield to post on "your" site or blog, and some javascript that will display notifications to visitors.

I just installed it at the top of my “” home page.  The shield works, the javascript does not right now generate any output.  I could try to install it as a free gadget on Blogger, but I have had some trouble with gadgets, particularly in Safari and with Kaspersky anti-virus.    The site also invites the webmaster to join CloudFare and use GitHub, with which I am not yet familiar.

The link for the code is here

Rainey Reitman has an article for Electronic Frontier Foundation, “A ‘Bat Signal’ for the Internet”, encouraging people to join a social circle of Internet defenders, using the side above and Reddit. It would be logical to use Facebook or Google+ for this purpose.  The EFF link is (website url) here.

The Reddit stream, “Fight for the Net” is here.

I’ll follow up on how the javascript module works.

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