Thursday, July 26, 2012

Facebook's plans for facial recognition raise more "privacy questions"; also TOS and content

BBC has an important story on Facebook’s direction, particularly in facial recognition software, today (link).

One of the most important points is that a government could combine facial recognition with tags as a “honeypot” for itself, as it could walk through all images of a person that anyone had tagged.

Another is that faces of people at events, or particularly in discos or in politically important gatherings, might be recognized and become searchable whereas today, in practice, they probably aren’t.  Even with the capability to require permission for tagging, photography in public places could be a much more sensitive issue for people, seems to have become the case somewhat already since the latter part of 2011.

I guess it was a good idea to pass up on Facebook’s inflated IPO.  Earnings are said to be underwhelming on this “first midterm exam”.

John Sutter has an article for CNN, implying that while Facebook is strict on using one true identity, it is liberal on content itself, given its apparent permissiveness on fan pages for the Colorado “suspect”, story here

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