Friday, July 13, 2012

Copyright troll attorney in P2P cases censured; Security vendor advises parents on on copyright and kids' computer use

In a copyright troll case dealing with illegal downloading, the Fifth Circuit affirmed a district court’s order to censure copyright attorney Evan Stone, who had improperly subpoenaed identities of parties who had downloaded films from Mick Haig Productions.  Electronic Frontier Foundation has a story by Matt Zimmerman here.

Nevertheless, computer users should be mindful that most ISP’s are now monitoring them for illegal downloading, according to an agreement with music and film copyright owners, starting July 1.  This monitoring would seem to apply mainly to P2P activity.

On a positive side, I have noticed a gradual increase in availability of films for “legal’ rent on YouTube, mostly in the $1.99 to $3.99 range, with a few newer independent films for $6.99. 

Lynette Owens has an article on Trend Micro (a security vendor), “What to tell your kids about online piracy”, here

There is also a brief primer of copyright for kids here.

Picture:  note the feline atop the truck (Tidewater VA). 

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