Friday, July 27, 2012

A note on errors from Blogger when editing posts: a practical workaround?

Recently, I’ve encountered some technical issues in making blog posts.  Sometimes, after adding a link, or adding a sentence at the end of a paragraph on a previous post, the Blogger software whitens the background to the end of the post, with unwanted sequences of XSW “span” couplets.  If I try to delete the “white background” in the HTML code, I sometimes get Btx errors and cannot continue to fix the post.  It seems corrupted and has to be redone.
I make most of my blog posts by typing and saving them in Microsoft Word 2011 in a Windows 7 Professional (converted from Windows Vista) environment.  The default font in my Word environment is Calibri, 11-point.  I do find that if I convert the entire post to Times New Roman (12 point), before pasting into the Blogger new posting window, I don’t encounter the problem.  Why?  Maybe just setting the font defines some value in memory (like moving “Spaces” to a field in COBOL). 

The resulting post looks a little more “spread out”, so the end result is a blog post with differing fonts, not “perfect world”, but it gets around the Btx errors, it seems.  

Update: July 29:

Maybe I spoke too soon. Today, I had a problem on another post even in Times New Roman when two paragraphs accidentally ran together when my finger slipped on the laptop touchpad. When I separated them, the second paragraph still got an unwanted white background from Blogger.  This time, I deleted and re-added the second paragraph, and the white background went away without going into HTML mode to hand edit, which can lead to the Btx errors (in my experience). 

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