Tuesday, June 26, 2012

No, I don't need more email addresses (even from Facebook)

Facebook is catching flack this morning for replacing the email addresses in many users’ profiles with a facebook.com email address. 

I checked mine just now  and found it had not changed.

Facebook reasons it can increase advertising revenue if it can get users to use its domain for email.

In practice, I use only my aol email (which I have had since 1994) regularly.  (Prodigy, with its clownish conetnt, lost out then, didn’t it!)    But I have to use my obscure Comcast email address to sign in to check my Comcast bill.  And a few “clients” still communicate to me through gmail. I have email addresses on my domains but don't use them.  Maybe that's a liability. 

It’s disruptive to change email addresses, and time consuming to use more than one.

Career counselors recommend a separate email for job hunting, preferably on a professional site.  I wonder how using a Facebook email would look in job searching, given Facebook’s idea of “no double lives allowed”.

Using just one email could make one more vulnerable to spam and phishing.

Facebook was also criticized for testing a “ceepy” app that allows one to find out which “Friends” are nearby in a geolocation sense. But that app has not been released.

That’s one thing about living in a trendy neighborhood of a big city, the “bumping frequency”.  I noticed that when living in New York City in the 1970s. 

The BBC story on the Facebook email trick is here

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