Monday, May 21, 2012

WSJ supports CISPA, contradicting EFF, ACLU

Contradicting civil libertarian claims of indirect dangers to free speech, the Wall Street Journal on Monday "came out" and supported CISPA (even with a hashtag), in an editorial "Who's afraid of CISPA?", link here  (paywall may be required).

The WSJ discusses the milder Senate version, which it says would require scrubbing of data (rather like a pollution control metaphor for carbon sequestration, perhaps), to the point that not many parties would try to comply.

It also considers the practical threat of spying on ordinary commercial and personal (or expressive) activity online remote, and copyright or trademark infringement matters are supposed to be excluded,  Still, it can be hard to trust that the line is drawn in a reliable place. Tides shift. And  Some elipses are annular!

Last picture:  the reduced sunlight led to darker sky but intense reflective illumination of objects on the ground, leading to an "another planet" effect (or maybe "Planet Hollywood") during the eclipse.  A lot of people admit to looking at the Sun.

One other little thing in the WSJ today.  An article warned Facebook users: "If you don't pay for something, you're not a customer. You're the product being sold."  

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