Friday, May 11, 2012

Twitter goes to bat for "Occupy" users fighting court order

Twitter’s challenge to a “search” order from a court of user data in conjunction with an “Occupy Wall Street” protest is bringing up important legal concepts, as in a story in the Los Angeles Times by Michelle Maltais, May 8, here

Twitter has been praised for going to bat for its users to protect them from unreasonable government seizure.
Twitter points out that its Terms of Service do not preclude a user’s from owning his own content, as far as the right to profit from it or redistribute elsewhere or control its reproduction.

It also points out provisions of the Stored Communications Act (Wikipedia link), part of the 1986 Electronic Communications Privacy Act) that protect ISP’s from undue burdens. 

There is also a question as to whether “digital space” is legally like a person’s home (a “Second Life” concept) for Fourth Amendment purposes. 

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