Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to make a living on the web in a "do not track" world -- just do the right things?

Here’s something on Ars Technica explaining a bit how DuckGoGo can make money from contextualized ads without tracking, and earned about $115000 in 2011.  Is it easy to make a living doing what is right?
Duck also offers virtual encryption and offers a “Tor pass-through”, according to the story by Cyrus Farivar, link here.  
And Britain, following the dictates of the EU, now apparently has a law requiring all UK-hosted websites to inform visitors about any tracking they do, story on Slashdot here.  I did not see that warning now when I went to the BBC news website, yet.

Some people really do support families publishing on the Web -- and do what they want anyway, you know. 

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