Tuesday, May 08, 2012

DMCA Safe Harbor weakness invites abuse during political campaigns; how about some sportsmanship in MLB?

Parker Higgins has an important perspective on Electronic Frontier Foundation noting the ease with which the DMCA Safe Harbor takedown procedure can be abused for political purposes.  A service provider has to take down material immediately upon receiving a complaint, and then has at least ten days to repost the material if it’s found that the complaint was bogus.

YouTube did restore a DailyKos montage of Rush Limbaugh’s “worst moments” when found to be fair use.  But restoration has not always happened quickly in the past.

The possibility of using temporary web censorship as a political weapon comports with the concerns a few years ago about campaign finance reform and blogging.

The link for EFF’s story is here.

This is also a day to make a note about sportsmanship.  The behavior of Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels, hitting Bryce Harper “deliberately” with a pitch and drawing a fine, is case in point.  (MLB link is here.    Harper later stole home to put the Nats in the lead.)  That looks especially egregious on a night that Jayson Werth, another export from the Phillies, suffered a season-threatening wrist fracture. The Phillies, genuinely “worried”, wanted to make their point Sunday night.  All in front of me at a Thirsty Bernie’s sports bar, as I returned from a film festival. “It’s only a game”. 

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