Saturday, April 28, 2012

Political ad revenue for broadcast networks will be published analytically on the Web, by FCC

In a New York Times column called Media Decoder, “Behind the Scenes, Between the Lines”, Brian Stelter reports that major network broadcasters will be allowed (and even required) by the FCC to move their political ad database to the Web for the public to peruse easily.

The concept sounds important because a few years ago, the “indirect” or “implicit” campaign support given to candidates by novice bloggers was seen as legally troublesome given the results of a 2002 campaign finance reform law.  This was finally resolved administratively by the FEC in 2006, still within the Bush years (which probably had a political incentive to leave a free rein for visible conservative bloggers).

Smaller stations and cable networks probably would not post political ads online.  (I suspect that CNN and CNBC will, however).  Independent blogging operations would not right now.

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