Friday, April 20, 2012

No, Facebook doesn't think that the PC is dead

“The Daily Beast” column in the current Newsweek, says “Instagram will take Facebook into the Mobile Age”, link here. No argument with that.  But I take exception to the subtitle “the pc is dead. Long live mobile”.
The article says that when Zuckerberg wrote his Facebook code in his dorm room in early 2004 (probably not while drunk as in the movie), “computing was about PC’s. The Internet was about websites”.  Oh, boy, that's how the Web 1.0 world evolved in the 1990s.  I miss it. 

Well, I think there’s really a limit to mobile.  You can’t always get reliable connections everywhere.  It’s kind of stupid to watch a movie like “Inception”  (or even “Social Network”) on a phone.  The iPad displays stuff in web-like manner (although blogging on it may be a challenge).  The Kindle and Nook (and iPad) are really book-like, because they’re supposed to me.  On Amtrak, I see plenty of people working on high-end Windows-based laptops (and they really are working, for companies, with “the numbers”).  It’s easier to look at most sites on a PC than on a smart phone (even, say, Major League Baseball,  But, still, almost 20% of my own traffic is now mobile (and that’s recent, within the last six months, with the avalanche of people getting smart phones as 3G contracts wind up). And on a disco floor, I usually check to see if the Nats won on a smartphone.  (I’ve even gotten a drag queen to read the scores one time as part of the show.) 

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