Sunday, April 01, 2012

Legitimate clients of MegaUpload (seized by government) need to retrieve their own data

Electronic Frontier Foundation is reporting that many legitimate business customers of Megaupload have lost access to their own business files as a result of government (ICE) seizure because of supposed piracy or counterfeiting hosting.  MegaUpload had been leasing rack space from Carpathia, which only recently received permission from the government to delete or release its files, and Carpathia says it needs a protective order to allow its customers to retrieve their files.

EFF has one client (Kyle Goodwin, who reports on sporting events in Ohio) of Megaupload who had lost his own copies of his business data when his hard drive crashed. He had been using Megaupload as a cloud backup service.  I’m not sure why he hadn’t been using a better known one like Carbonite instead.

The URL for the EFF story (and brief) is here. The EFF press release is called "Can I Please Get My Files Back?" 

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