Monday, April 02, 2012

FTC releases privacy and "do not track" recommendations; tracking results might get back to employers, insurers

Jon Leibowitz of the Federal Trade Commission has an op-ed on p. A17 of the Washington Post on Monday April 2, 2012, “Protecting Privacy in a TMI World”, with link here

Leibowitz makes the interesting observation that you don’t want your health insurer to know that you purchased a deep-fat frier. And you don’t want your employer to see your pictures in a disco.

I’m a little more immune from this, being retired.  I suppose if I were in certain employment situations (which I have been approached about), I wouldn’t make wisecracks on Facebook or Blogger about Michael Phelps’s bong hits.  Seriously, they’re in fun.

The FTC’s March 26 press release with its “3 parts” is here

The three cornerstones are “privacy by design”, “simplified  choice” and “greater transparency”.  But “do not track” remains voluntary.

Slate News makes “Do Not Track” sound more effective than it is.

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