Thursday, April 19, 2012

Can "I" get along with just a smartphone and iPad when playing on the road? "Misadventures in a perambulator"

Well, it looks like I need to get weaned from needing to be conventional PC or laptop or even Notebook.  Today, I stumbled through getting signed on to Google on the iPad, playing with the shift (arrow) key, keeping track of whether I’m in caps or not, looking for special characters, and so on.  I managed to get signed on and to verify, and then I tried to look at Blogger.  I couldn’t see the text of any blog posting in the editor.  I could only create the text for a new test posting. 

From what I see out there, it looks like I need an application like “BloggerPlus” on the iPad, from ThinkTekCo.  It’s inexpensive ($2.99).  Haven’t used my credit card to buy anything on the iPad; it seems as though I’m really addicted to conventional keyboards; I wonder what will happen when I try.  The link for BloggerPlus at apple is here.  I guess this is the “solution”. I’ll continue this effort later.  I'll look at this "9 essential apps" list soon, also. 

I also tried to set up the gmail application on my new Motorola droid smart phone.  I could not get the pw and gmail account name to take, even though I used the pull-out keyboard, and I’m “sure” that I entered it right.  Do I have to tell Google that I have this phone somewhere else first?

I see 21-year-old “kids” doing complicated texts and games and probably blog posts in bars on phones only, and I don’t see how they can do it so fast and get it right.  (At least the whiz-kid “Nolan” on “Revenge” is more like 28, maybe.)

That’s the view of a senior who “grew up on mainframes”.

I’m in the midst of an effort to get my screenplays (particularly two of them) and novel into “professional shape”, while keeping all my sites running, and that’s turning out to be more of a challenge than writing my book in 1996-1997 when I was working in a “conventional” and “mainframe” salaried IT job.  It seems the market demands that I learn to do things new ways all the time, to do more with less hardware.  The idea is to be able to go to the remotest spots in the world, perhaps to “pay it forward”, and be able to stay connected and blog and write with little or no hardware.  Just a phone.

Or maybe the idea is to use telepathy.  I have a friend who has tweeted material closely related to what I was writing (on my scripts) before I had posted any hints as to what I was writing anywhere.  Maybe telepathy is the next breakthrough.  Remember the “biological Internet” in James Cameron’s “Avatar”?

By the way, I "gave in" and wrote this post from a "conventional" Windows 7 Professional laptop, with all the luxuries.  I've done it OK on the MacBook and on a little Toshiba Notebook when traveling.  But I didn't make it happen yet on the iPad or smartphone. 

Home field advantage means something.  Remember how kids on playgrounds yell "first up", not realizing the only the home team can have a walk-off win?  But we all need to be ready for "The Road".

Update, April 21:

I found a forum about blogging on the new iPad here.   I posted a question.  Inconclusive.  There's also a blog post on "Orange Crate Art", Jan, 28, 2012 here.  There have been problems at least in the new Blogger interface since January, even with the older iPad. 

Update: April 23:

I've encountered some minor issues with the new Blogger not fully refreshing the computer screen, to overlay images content already being displayed, sometimes.  If I close the session and reopen, the problem goes away sometimes.  But in one case, I had to page down farther to do an image insert to get away from a pre-existing YouTube display (and then cut and paste again).  It's possible that something in the way the new Blogger communicates with display  (Nvidia on a PC, something else on an iPad or smart phone, operating system specific) causes this problem.  

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