Sunday, March 25, 2012

Washington Post not likey to follow NYTimes with a paywall

Patrick B. Pexton, Washington Post ombudsman, writes today that isn’t likely that the Washington Post will follow the New York Times and implement a subscriber paywall soon, link here 

He gives some analysis on how a big newspaper like the Post has to operate to make money, and online subscriptions don’t come close to print or online ad revenue, and a newspaper really needs a huge online readership (maybe close to a million page requests a day with low enough bounce rate) to make subscription work.  Of course, advertisers probably look at things like bounce rate, too.   He says that the Post needs major IT overhaul --  which probably means doing a better job than the IT client world has done in the past ten years (all those companies that hire through agencies) of heeding legitimate concerns professionals have of their career progress.  I know that from my own experience.

The tone of his op-ed suggests skepticism that the NYTimes paywall really makes that much money.
As I’ve noted before, I’m very concerned about this number-driven attitude that all media companies seem to have now. 

Curiously, a number of smaller newspapers (some of the kind that got involved with Righthaven) have some ludicrously expensive paywalls. Don't they want readers?
Read "it" and don’t weep.

Picture: Lipstick Building, NYC. Where did Bernie Madoff "live"?

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