Thursday, March 29, 2012

Righthaven implosion continues; Watch the metaphor for "The Bike Lesson"

Well, the Righthaven business has gotten so silly that now there is a spoof on “Gametime IP:  Lawyers practice so their clients’ IP is ready for game day”.  That is, IP means “intellectual property”. The satire is a reference to the children’s book “The Bike Lesson”, as a metaphor for “Dickinson Wight Partner (and Righthaven CEO) Steve Gibson on IP Moneitization”, here. (How about continuing the comparison to Vittorio Di Sica's 1948 classic film "Bicycle Thieves"?)

I can only say that as a 7 year old, I was afraid to ride a bike and used a tricycle for a long time.  And the new bike in my garage is still underutilized.  I ought to be able to use it to get into the City and get home without the unreliable Metro and without waiting for taxis.  And what about all night political protests to cover in blogs the next day?

And I scowl with disapproval on Twitter at bad biker behavior -- approaching intersections from the wrong way so that right-turning motorists can't see them in time.  (Or just riding on the wrong side because it seems brave.)  And do competitive cyclists really need to shave their arms and legs?  Does .01% of wind resistance really matter?  

So much for making fun of Righthaven with biker metaphors.  

The Righthaven Victims site  (now its own space)  says that Righthaven has been ordered to pay over $195000 in judgments and fines so far. 

In early March, according to Steve Green of “Vegas Inc”, a federal judge stripped Righthaven of its remaining copyrights (story).  It’s been a long time since Righthaven has claimed any more “victims”.

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