Monday, March 19, 2012

"Me on the Web" service could help monitor online reputation, privacy

I’ve noticed when riding the DC Metro, among Google’s boards on the train cars, a service called “Me on the Web” which will notify you when information about you appears and is detected by the company’s search engine. It’s a funny name, “me” is an object rather than subject in our language.

Here’s the main link explaining it.

I went ahead and signed up for it, directing the stuff to gmail. I don’t expect an overwhelming volume of material. I want to see how well it works.

The possibility of combining tagging with facial recognition technology could conceivably lead to alerts when a picture of you appears in public, but I hardly think that is eminent.

Would "Me on the Web" detect an appearance of one's name on a "tattle-tale" site like the STD site discussed and maligned on Anderson Cooper (and on this blog) March 12?

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