Saturday, March 24, 2012

Embeds of YouTube videos suddenly not working

I’m noticing a problem today in viewing YouTube embeds on any site (Blogger, Wordpress, flat sites).  It seems that a URL inside an iframe like this:


it displays a blank panel with nothing viewable  because the “embed” subirectory is no longer reachable.

  I couldn’t find anything recent on the Forums about the problem.  (There's some stuff on Wordpress from Aug. 2011.)  What I found is if you go to “Page Source” (under  “Web Developer” in Firefox) and get the URL if the embed, you can view it in a separate window by replacing some characters in the URL as follows:  

In other words, replace “embed/” with “watch?v=”  and you can see it.
I’ll have to follow this and see if youTube solves it.  Obviously, none of us bloggers can replace all of our embed code easily.
Also, mobile versions of blogs don’t seem to be displaying this morning.

I would appreciate comments if someone knows what is going on with YouTube embeds.  It started Saturday morning.

Update: later Saturday:

Now, the YouTube embeds work "somtimes".  The key seems to be trying the specific URL with an ISP address on which it had not failed earlier today.  That is, it works in Internet cafes where you pay for computer time.  Just reloading the page doesn't bring it back if it failed earlier today. Trying with a different ISP (like a different MiFi card) on the same computer does work!

Also, the mobile blog works if you turn off mobile display (as a web page).  It fails when you reset it to mobile.  This may be related to the way it works with browser settings in a specific phone.  It may work on other phones.  (Analytics reports show that some people are reaching the blogs in mobile template even though I suddenly can't.)  I have a Motorola Verizon Droid.   It had worked before. I don't know what has changed.   Maybe the "www" should come off the URL.   Will investigate.

 Update: March 25 (late):

The blogs are working correctly on mobile devices, and the YouTube embeds appear to be working consistently now.   I don't know what really happened.   The problem occurred while I traveled to New York City, but I've not encountered these problems before "on the road".  And others reported the same problems with their sites.

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