Thursday, March 08, 2012

Beware of buying Facebook friends and "likes"; How important is Edge Rank Checker?

In an insert magazine from The Washington Post called “Capital Business”, for March 12, 2012, Eric Yaverbaum has an interesting article on p. 39, “Be wary of buying Facebook ‘friends’”. The only online link is the pdf for the magazine, here, and you have to thumb down to that page.
He talks about companies that will sell, say, 10000 Facebook “likes” to give you (or your small business brand) the appearance of a following. But these parties probably won’t stay with you, and in the long run will lower your “EdgeRank Score” (link). I tried the trial service this morning (yes, you have to subscribe to EdgeRankChecker to get the service permanently).
It’s hard for me to imagine a business model capitalized in Facebook likes and friends.  I have a “real life” friend with over 900 Facebook “friends”, mostly at VA Tech.  It’s easy to do this on a big campus when you’re in college, but I don’t think anyone can keep up with more than 25-30 people at a time in a real world.
On Twitter, I find people frequently sign up to follow me, but many are clones of celebrities (Suze Orman) or companies, that drop me when they can’t sell me anything quickly. Because of the wide-range and concentric nature of my "blogger journalism", the subject matter of my tweets (and Facebook posts) seems to vary over many bases in a short time span, maybe distracting to some visitors.  

What do I have to do about this?  Get my movie made.  Will investors really count your Facebook likes before deciding to bankroll you?  I think the actual script matters a lot more.  Do the work!

I thought that in the MySpace era, Hillary Clinton had become the world champ of collecting friends. 

Here's Isaac Wardell's video on your "Facebook Engagement" measure, Edge Rank:

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