Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Baseball prospect for Nationals draws attention for "childish" tweets

Right after media reported a story about social media “friends” and college sports, the Washington Post Sports columnist Jason Reid writes that the Washington Nationals’s 19-year-old slugging prospect (still not above AA in the minors) needs to “grow up”.  The team, and maybe sportscasters, are worried that his tweets about rooting interests in other cities’ professional teams will “go viral”.

The link ("Bryce Harper needs to grow up") is here, and contains a rather lengthy video with sportscasters about teenage prospect Twitter and Facebook behavior.

The Nationals’s pitchers report to Spring Training this week, and the hype about Strasburg, Zimmermann, and their acquisitions will continue.  With the Nats’ young pitchers doing so well during the last month of 2011, why did they trade away their youth for veterans?  I wish they had picked up Fielder. 

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