Monday, January 23, 2012

Righthaven domain name taken over by new service provider,

A big concern in the SOPA/PIPA “debate” is the idea that service providers could not afford to host “free” user-generated content if they had to take liability for what their “customers” do.  But suddenly there is a service provider with a “spine” which says it will defend its users if the law takes a long turn. Hosted in Switzerland, it may be choosing its members carefully, however.  (I like the metaphor: its clients aren't interested in PhD's in invertebrate zoology, no matter how smart some cephalopods are.  And a spine isn't just a notochord.) 

Ironically, the group has taken over the “Righthaven” domain name, and here is its FAQ page explaining its intentions, link.  Admittedly, the writing style here is a bit indirect.

We will surely hear more about this. "Righthaven Victims" tweeted this story today.

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