Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Congressional candidates in both parties catch heat on SOPA/Protect-IP

The media is reporting that Congressional and Senate candidates in both parties are feeling the heat over opposition to SOPA and the slightly weaker Protect-IP.   Opposition is bi-partisan now and involving legislators who had been neutral or silent before.  Generally, conservatives may be opposing it more than liberals.

CNET, in a story by Declan McCullagh, reports on pressure against Wisconsin Republican Senator Rand Paul, who no likely would get an earful on it from his libertarian leaning dad Ron Paul, a candidate in the GOP primaries.   The story, about a “Reddit-based” attack on Paul, is (website url) here

The Democratic candidates are also awakening. In Virginia, candidate Karen Kwiatkowski (D), running against Bob Goodblatte, warns that SOPA will be a burden on small media business and will result in fewer blogs and services.  (Techdirt link)

In Tennessee, Independent Jack Arnold, running against Marsha Blackburn (R), writes this about SOPA (link) .   Arnold calls SOPA “typical lobbyist-written legislation”.

Note that TechDirt, on the same page above, reports that Righthaven has filed an emergency motion to keep its assets.

Apparently SOPA is creating controversy, maybe divisions, at the Las Vegas electronics show ("CES 2012"), according to a Jan. 12 Washington Post story by Cecilia Kang, here

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